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Tit Bits from DrTPS



Every goal is desire - it is kamam

May be immediate or long term..

Means of getting the desire satisfied is the artham

Artham can be money / cash, influence, love, gift / power / position etc..

artham can be acquired by hard-work, or past effort, or on credit based on what is going to be done..

All the ways of getting artham is always from others. The society.

Getting it can be harmless for others then called Dharmic

My artha attainment may give pain and suffering to others – then it is called Adharmic..

Thus the Artha can reach you either dharmic or adharmic

Remember Dharma and Adharma is defined based on time, space, who, to whom, where, when, why, how …

Based on the reaction / fear on reaction.. The doer will become upset or happy..

Thus the unhappiness is part of the action that we do..

That action that is adharmic is boiund to have more unhappiness..

Not that dharmic will not give pain – chances are less – and if at all – that will be external – and will not be with guilty feeling and self suffering..

The happiness that is within us.. sayingthat I am happy.. no matter what others are feeling about me .. is the BLISS .. and Being in BLISS for longer is MOKSHAM

Here what I have explained is the PURUSHARTHAS kamam artham, dharmam and moksham.



Hard work is like climbing up the stairs/ladder and luck is like a lift .

The lift may fail some times, but stairs/ladder will definitely take you to the TOP.

The story of the person carrying a long log, cuts it to reduce weight, later suffers of not having the sufficient length to keep across the ridge to cross it. This story tells us that if we try to reduce our problem, we will have to suffer for not having the tool to solve problems later in life. To get out of difficulty, one has to go through it and gain strength!

110921 -
Writing is easy ---- it is only putting down what is in the Author.
But Reading is Difficult.. --- as it is understanding what is in the other person !!

110921 –

For writing language is never an issue..

Words will flow, if the idea is clear..

CLEAR IDEA – that needs a clean mind..

Being Creative and Responsive is what is expected from a BRIGHT human..

110921 -

Who is the real beggar?

If we give a hundred bugs to a friend we will remember and tell every time that I have given hundred bugs.

When we will go to the temple see a beggar “Amma Thaye” ,? If our friends are with us we will give five Rupees and if we are alone we will give one rupee..

While returning from the temple we will see the same beggar again …. again asking “amma thaye”?

then we will say “don’t you remember me? while entering the temple I gave you one rupee !!”

We remembered the beggar’s face for that one rupee.

Then the beggar will reply poor fellow I haven’t remembered your face for one rupee you have remembered my face for one rupee.


If we remember someone’s face for one rupee we are the beggar.

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LIFE of LOVE in MEERUT - Translam

Release witnessed by 300 students at Translam School in MEERUT

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